Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Death of a Sheikh

Sheikh Ahmed bin Zayed, younger brother of the Ruler of the UAE Sheikh Khalifa died last Friday in a glider accident in Morocco and his body wasn't found until yesterday.  What happens here in the UAE with the death of such a prominent member of the ruling family is that a period of National Mourning is declared (three days in this case) and essentially alot of events and celebrations are cancelled or postponed and the radio and free TV networks simply broadcast readings of the Quran and in a sign of modernism, classical music (albeit sombre pieces) are actually being played.

We went to the mall tonight and it was strange that there wasnt any music being played whatsoever.  In the mall corridors there would be music, the shops would all have their own music playing but tonight it was echoing and quiet around the mall.

So, from today through to midnight Friday, the mourning period will last and whilst businesses are remaining open it isnt unusual for some government departments to close. 

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