Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter in the Middle East

Well, its Easter (Easter Sunday to be exact) and I am in the office and its just another day here.  I had to give a presentation this morning and whilst there were a few "Happy Easter" greetings amongst the westerners, it was down to business as usual.

At home though, the Easter Bunny paid his annual visit and it was a better experience because Niki's friend Julie and her daughter Hannah are visiting us as well so there is a bit of a festive holiday feel at the moment at home.  I should add, it is school holidays here in any event, so the girls are calling them "Easter Holidays" whereas they are simply "End of Term 2 Holidays" in the eyes of the government.

Kate did ask me this morning as I was leaving for work would she have to go to school if it wasn't holidays and the answer is unfortunately yes.

But, this is all part of the experience and given I am in no way a religious person, I don't really care that I am missing Easter itself, but it would have been nice to hang out and eat chocolate with the kids anyway.

But its not like the UAE suppresses Christianity though.  There are Easter displays in the shops, eggs are able to be purchased, the Phillipino's in particular tend to be very Christian and so Easter is alive and well, its just that we don't get the day off.  And you can't complain because I can get holidays when the Islamic holidays occur, so again as a non-religious person, I just go with the flow.

Happy Easter!

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