Tuesday, April 06, 2010

More Visitors!

We have our friend Julie and her daughter Hannah with us this week from Sydney and we're counting down to when my parents arrive on April 23, but on the weekend in between, my mate Joe will be swinging by for just 24hrs as he makes his way home from a business trip in Europe!

Its a full house!

But it's really good, and I am very happy and grateful that people are taking the time to come out and see us and to see how we live first hand.  It made it really alot easier on us and Niki in particular, when her parents came out last year as they can see how we live, can understand that Dubai isn't this evil place of Islamic fundamentalists and that in reality its a great place to live.  Means that Skype sessions with Niki's parents are better as they understand what we're talking about.

And now, with Julie, Joe and my mum & dad seeing us over the April / May period, that will be more people who will also understand.

But for my mate Joe, it will be a rush job... he's in the country for just 26hrs and I will be certainly giving him the "rushed tour"...

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