Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beer Run!

Well, life here has been.... dull.

Niki and the girls continue their Australian adventure and seem to be having a great time catching up with friends and family whilst I am here doing not much other than working and mucking around on the computer or PlayStation.

I suppose its not all dull and boring... have managed to run two D&D sessions this month and we have finally completed the adventure that I was running. Next steps in the game is in my court to arrange and I will probably do a fair bit of that this week.

Also, went for my first ever beer run through Sharjah to Umm al-Quwain to a place called "Barracuda's". Barracuda is just like your regular Australian bottle shop except its very large and secondly and most importantly, they dont enforce the UAE regulation of requiring a license to buy alcohol. I have no idea why, the place is extremely popular with tourists (in fact the neighbouring water park would probably go out of business if it wasn't for westerners doing 'a Barracuda run").

So on Saturday morning I set off with friends John & Trevor to the bottle shop to stock up. Its about a 45min drive and most importantly you need to run through Sharjah (see map below). Sharjah is the opposite of Umm al-Quwain in that it enforces alot of the Sharia laws and it is a bit of an urban tale that many a car has been pulled over by the police who are looking for alcohol.

Punishment is typically 10 days jail... but I have never met anyone who has been jailed here, so I tend to have my doubts.

Anyway, we got to Barracuda's without incident, we spent 8000 dirhams between us on alot of beer and wine and some harder stuff and then we set off back. Stupidly, we didnt have anything covering our load - which was a very full Land Cruiser and whilst we did pass police on the road, we weren't stopped and made it back safe and sound.

Now... who wants a drink!

Full Land Cruiser

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