Sunday, August 01, 2010

LOST - The Finale

For the past six years I have been an avid viewer of a show called LOST. You may have heard of it...

Well this past month whilst Niki was away I watched Season 6 via download and finally got the finale of the entire series this weekend.

I know LOST had many critics and that the "instant satisfaction" generation thought it was a rubbish show, but when you watch all six seasons and then get such a brilliant finale, you realise that perhaps LOST was one of the best tv series ever made.

It was so deep, so layered and so detailed that you basically had to watch every episode otherwise you in turn would be lost yourself (pun intended).

So, what of the finale? How did it end... well beware below if you dont want any spoilers but given that the finale has been done and dusted in both Australia and the US I think I can speak freely...

Essentially in a nutshell, the original passengers of Oceanic 815 did crash, they did survive and they did experience all the things that happened on the island. The Island, is a mystical place that balances the world between good and evil and does act as a holding place for people who have died who had sinned in their lives. It cannot be called Hell or Purgatory because it does exist on Earth.

However, what is not revealed until the finale of Season 6 is that the "alternate world" in which the Lostaways return to lives but their lives are 'different' is actually Purgatory and that until they all realise this individually do they come together and ascend to heaven (or whatever you believe the Afterlife is).

That's a very simplistic explanation and more detailed explanations are on many different blogs and websites such as this one but for me, LOST is the best TV series ever created and if you fell off the LOST bandwagon over the past 6 years, I highly recommend you get the DVD set and be prepared to sit down and watch it back to back.

And I may just do that...

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