Sunday, August 08, 2010

Vive La France!

Well, exciting news here... we're all booked for our French holiday next month.  Yes, as Roy & HG say, we're off to the land of the cheese eating surrender monkeys and we're very excited.

We fly to Paris and then head straight to the train station as we're heading for 2 nights in Bordeaux.  The TGV train is one of those "very fast trains" that the Australian government keeps cancelling and we'll be in the south of France by early afternoon.  We're meeting our friends Marianne and Philippe there who are holidaying as well and given Philippe is French, we'll be glad for the local to help with the language issues.

Then we're heading back north to Paris and four nights to see all the famous Parisian sites.  I was there in 2001 and always wanted to head back with Niki and now we're finally doing it!  We're staying not far from the river Seine and closish to the Eiffel Tower.  Both the girls are pumped to see the Mona Lisa.

After what will undoubetedly be alot of walking, we're then finishing off with three nights at Euro Disney.  Roller coasters and the like will be a great day to finish what we're hoping will be a great trip.  We did say that we'd be making use of the closer proximity to Europe and each northern summer we'll be heading to somewhere new.

In the meantime, I have about three more weeks of work to get through and I am sure it will go really slow!

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