Thursday, November 29, 2007

Naval Gazing

Well, the election is over... I have been informed of who Amy Winehouse is (and I now dont care) and in the absence of any real political scandal I will take today to mull over what is happening in my world...
Well, for starters, work has been very busy.  I have been getting home very late at night the last couple of weeks with leaving the office at 6:30pm being "an early mark".  Got home after midnight the other night and last night was a 9:30pm home time... but once I reach this month end this week, the pace should slow down.
Between now and Xmas, work will remain busy.  My new company doesnt have a massive fancy dress Xmas Party and instead has a big in house lunch on the last day before we break up (Dec 21).  Seafood, hot food and heaps of beer & wine is apprently the go... and whilst I was initially disappointed there was no major alcohol fueled shin-dig, I am warming to that idea... besides, I am only newish here and I wouldnt consider myself drinking buddies with anyone yet...
Having said that my ex-drinking buddies at my old work are planning for a night out, so I may have the best of both worlds!
Xmas aside, work will still be busy.  I will probably be in Melbourne for 2-3 days in mid-December.  With my company having most of its physical operations in Victoria, I do have to get down there fairly often.  So, I will probably be down there Dec 17-18 and perhaps 19.
Outside of work, we're having a Xmas BBQ this weekend with my mates and as an indication of how old we are, we're hiring a jumping castle for the kids.
Xmas itself we're determined to alter last years disaster in which we had lunch at my sisters in Ryde and then dinner at our place for Niki's family.  We're doing the Xmas Lunch and the Boxing Day Lunch this year.  We'll be hosting the Boxing Day affair, so that should be more relaxing.
But before Xmas, its my birthday in early December and I am really unsure what I want... both Dad and Niki have asked me and I have drawn a blank... must be getting old :)
On the gaming front, CanCon preparations on Australia Day are heating up and I have had a stack of new miniatures arrive to paint.  So much so, that my friend PianoDan is going to paint me up a Chaos team.  Its $300 but money well spent in my opinion.  (Check out a sample of his work here)
Oh and little Brookie finished her 1000 piece puzzle and we have mounted it on some timber board and intend to hang it on the wall in her bedroom... but no rest for the wicked, she's helping to do Kate's now too... so again, our dining table is awash with puzzle pieces!

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